Welcome to Clever Builder


Welcome to Cleverbuilder.com!

If you’ve visited before then you might notice something different around here.

Yep, the name has changed.

Why did I change the name?

I first started Integration Wire at the beginning of 2015. It was intended to be a collection of tutorials around integration tools like Talend and Apache Camel.

However, things have changed quite rapidly in the past couple of years in technology. Now I find myself writing about emerging technologies like Kubernetes, Docker and cloud platforms.

Now I’m writing about more topics, the old name just doesn’t seem right anymore.

So, starting today, this web site is now Clever Builder. Tips, tricks and tutorials for people who build.

The underlying cause is still the same - to help developers and cloud engineers like yourself pick up these new technologies quickly and make the most of them.

If you’ve got any feedback about the name change, or any suggestions for things you’d like to see on the site, then please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


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