I’ve written a couple of books. Here you can find out more details!

Camel Step-by-Step

This is my book on the integration framework, Apache Camel. It introduces Camel concepts, goes through the common techniques you’ll use when developing Camel applications, covers running Camel in the real world and also includes some code examples.

Find out more and buy Camel Step-by-Step

The Busy Developer’s Guide to DevOps (FREE)

This is my brand new free short book, all about DevOps. It’s an introduction to the topic for busy developers who don’t have time to read a complete book (even a for Dummies book!), and want to know the basics so they can understand what it’s all about.

You’ll learn about DevOps culture, why it’s important, what problems it solves and the tools you need to know.

Download the book for free

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