This app builds a very basic DeploymentConfig for OpenShift, based on your inputs. Runs entirely in your browser - your data is safe here. :-)

Thanks for trying out this very early prototype! Please submit any issues on GitHub.

Image stream

🌍 Environment variables

Persistent Volume mount

ConfigMap mount


🏩 Health checks

🔡 Labels

Stop wasting your life writing YAAAAAAAAAML!

Use this Kubernetes YAML Builder to generate fresh, delicious, syntactically-valid YAML 🍞 which you can apply to your Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster.

How does it work?

  1. Use this web UI to enter the details of your new Kubernetes object.
  2. Click the Generate YAML button to generate the YAML.
  3. Copy the YAML to your favourite text editor and save to a file.
  4. Apply the YAML to your cluster using kubectl create -f ... or oc create -f ..🌠
  5. Take the rest of the day off.

Right now, the YAML builder only supports the creation of basic OpenShift DeploymentConfig and BuildConfig objects, but I'll be adding support for more OpenShift and Kubernetes objects in the future, such as Services and Routes.