⛔ This book is not currently available. ⛔

Thanks for your interest in Camel Step-by-Step! The book is currently not for sale. I hope to offer an updated, expanded edition in future, so watch this space!

Save hours of time. Take the shortcut to getting started with Apache Camel.

Don’t waste time scouring the internet for outdated blogs and tutorials! Get the book, code and videos that will take you from zero to Camel hero. 🚀🐪

The complete package

You’ve just picked up a new integration feature from the team backlog. You know that the solution will involve Apache Camel, but you’re not exactly sure how to use it, or when.

You start Googling for tutorials. But they leave you with more questions than they answer.

And then, you realise that you barely know Camel at all. What are EIPs? Components? Routes? How do they work, and what do you really need to know?

You don’t have a problem with learning new frameworks, but Camel seems to be a completely new language.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

…You could understand just enough Camel to get your first features out of the door, fast.

…You could begin your Camel journey with a knowledgeable guide, who you can turn to, whenever you need to understand “the Camel way” of doing things.

…You could see real Camel code that you can study and learn from. (Like all great engineers, you like to tinker with things, and you like to see how other people do it.)

You’ll get all of this in Apache Camel Step-by-Step.

In this book, code and video bundle, you’ll learn:

  • The essential components of any Camel application

  • How to use Camel’s toolkit to solve almost any integration problem

  • How to use Camel to speed up your data transformation processes

  • The expert developer tools that will help you build Camel applications faster

  • How to run Camel applications in production with confidence

Climb the Camel with ease.

Apache Camel can seem complicated, when you don’t know where to start. So in the book you’ll learn the essential techniques that you will use every day in Camel.

Once you’ve understood the basic patterns, and learned how to build simple applications, you’ll see use cases for Apache Camel almost everywhere.

You’ll understand how Camel makes all of the following possible – and you’ll know how to do all of it:

  • Turning your existing code into a REST API so it can be consumed by anyone – DEAD EASY

  • Integrating with SaaS and third-party applications – YEP (and you’ll get back those 374 hours which you would have otherwise spent reading terrible API documentation)

  • Transforming data, like CSVs, JSON and XML – A JOY

  • Running scheduled jobs from right inside your application – LIKE CLOCKWORK

You’ll see it in action, with real-world examples.

The theory and techniques are one thing.

But sometimes it’s hard to see how these techniques are put into practical use inside the code. (And we’re humans; we like to stare at what other people are doing. 👀)

So you’ll also get SIX example Camel applications to learn from.

The examples come with a full PDF guide, and each example application is fully-commented, so you can load it into your favourite IDE, study the code and understand what it does. You’ll be able to refer to these applications whenever you need to.

Get a fully illustrated book, code and videos, all in one bundle

Camel Step-by-Step runs to over 175 pages, packed with chapters covering the essential techniques for Camel developers, with practical examples to show you how to use the techniques.

It’s a PDF, which you can read on your phone, laptop or tablet. It’s illustrated and packed with fully-commented code examples, so you know exactly what the code is doing, and you can see how to control Apache Camel.

There is also 45-minutes of video lessons to help you saddle-up with confidence, and build your first Apache Camel application on Spring Boot. You can download the videos, or stream them whenever you like.

And the book is regularly updated! It’s currently been tested and updated for Camel 3.4.

Whether you’re a brand new developer, or you’re an architect looking to find out more about what this Camel train is all about, Camel Step-by-Step will tell you what you need to know. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Anatomy of a Camel: We’ll look beyond the hump, and learn about the inner components inside Apache Camel – this is the engine that powers your integration code! Once you understand this stuff, it will help you write better Camel code.

  • Enterprise Integration Patterns: EIPs are the foundation on which Camel is built. You’ll learn what they are, what they actually do and how to use them.

  • Data formats demystified: You’ll learn how to use Camel’s data formats to peel, mash and serve up your data exactly how you want it.

  • Web services made easy: Most people pick up Camel because they want to call REST APIs from their application. A whole chapter in the book is dedicated to calling third-party services, and creating your own using Camel’s sleek and silky REST DSL.

  • Reference and Ready-To-Go Code Snippets: There’s a whole reference section in the book, with component lists, and code templates that you can just copy right out of the book and paste into your project.

  • Time-saving developer tools: You’ll learn about the most useful tools you can add to your workflow to make writing Apache Camel code easier, like IDE plugins, drawing tools, and more.


If all that’s not enough, when you buy the bundle you will also get 2 bonus cheat sheets which will help you remember some of the most common patterns and keywords that you will use when writing your Camel applications.

Readers say it’s great

  • “An excellent starting point in learning the core concepts of Camel.

    “Processors, routes and exchanges were all vague concepts before I started this book. Now they’re something I use daily while I code. I recommend it to every developer.”

    Bram, developer

  • Instantly usable and free of unnecessary technical jargon.”

    Rod, customer

What you’ll get

More of a reader? Check. Like to watch videos? Yes, that’s also included. Prefer to look at examples and have a play? Yep-yep.

Camel Step-by-Step is a complete beginner’s bundle, so you’ll get instant access to the following:

  • A 178-page ebook in PDF format, packed with illustrations, code samples, and more. It covers Camel on Spring Boot (the most popular way to run Camel!)

  • 45 minutes of video lessons showing me (Tom) creating a Camel on Spring Boot application from scratch.

  • 6 complete Camel applications, plus a separate PDF guide which covers each of the applications in turn, explaining how they work so that you can get inspiration for your next Camel project.

  • Free future updates to the book (The book has already been updated twice since its launch.)

PLUS, you’ll get these bonuses: ✨

  • Bonus EPUB format for loading onto your favourite e-book reader

  • 2 PDF cheat sheets on Enterprise Integration Patterns and Camel Components

You’ll be creating your first Camel app within 1 hour.

The book and video course are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve watched the 45 minutes of videos, you’ll know how to create a new Camel application, and you’ll start getting instant results.

And the first chapter of the book dives right in to creating a Camel on Spring Boot application.

This book is not currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions…. I’ve got answers!

How will I get the product?

Camel Step-by-Step is completely digital. You’ll get instant access to download it after purchase. The book is a digital download in PDF or EPUB format. The videos are in MP4. The code is a ZIP file which you can extract and load into your favourite IDE (I recommend IntelliJ IDEA!)

Is my Camel version supported?

Apache Camel Step-by-Step is suitable for learning Apache Camel 3.4 or greater.

Is the book right for me?

Apache Camel Step-by-Step covers how to develop applications with Apache Camel. If you’ve got no programming experience, then this book probably isn’t for you. If you’re not sure whether the book is right for you, please contact me. If it’s not right for you at your current stage, I will honestly tell you.

What if I’m not satisfied?

I think that you’re going to love the book. But, if for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days. If you don’t find the book useful, then I don’t want you to have to pay for it. It’s all win for you.

I want to claim this back as a business expense. Can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Yes! After your purchase, you’ll receive an email. Inside the email, look for the text “Need an invoice for this?” and click the Generate button underneath. You’ll be prompted to enter your details and a PDF invoice will be generated for you! If you’re still having problems, please reach out.

What if I have other questions?

Get in touch with me via this contact form, or hit me up on Twitter (my DMs are open) and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions, or just have a chat!

Can I buy for my team?

Yes! The bundle listed on this page is for individual use only, but if you would like to share the bundle with your team or organisation, please contact me for more information.