What’s this site all about?

Hello, my name’s Tom Donohue, and this is my web site. Welcome. :-)

The mission

To build a community of enterprise developers, who are learning together to build the next generation of cloud-native apps.

What does that mean?

  1. Actionable tutorials and articles, written in plain English. With no annoying ads.

  2. A monthly email newsletter for curious builders, sharing the best tutorials and tools from around the web, plus the stuff I’m working on.

  3. Occasional references to eggs.

That’s it.


When I first started working in tech, I found many concepts really difficult to understand. Stack Overflow barely existed back then, and books were often impenetrable.

Thankfully things have improved a lot! But a lot of technical documentation can still be frustratingly complex for beginners. It assumes that you already know the tool you’re trying to learn. (Isn’t this the wrong way round?)

I decided to start sharing my knowledge and teaching everything I know. I try to write clear, simple tutorials about the tools I work with every day.

I write to improve my own understanding, to give back to the community, and to help you understand and get better skills.

What do I write about?

On this site, I write about:

  • Java
  • Containers (let’s containerise all of the things)
  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS, iPaaS, xPaaS)
  • DevOps and continuous integration (CI)
  • Cloud
  • Application integration and messaging
  • Microservices

I mostly focus on open source software. Why open source? Because the best tools these days are open source – Docker, Camel and Kubernetes, to name just a few. Open source is in a very good place.

A little more about me

I haven’t always worked in middleware and cloud apps. I first started out as a web designer, and even dabbled with Flash.

I took Java courses at university, and hated it at first. Instead, I spent a large amount of time writing jobs in Oracle PL/SQL (it’s a curious language).

Later, I moved onto projects involving Oracle SOA Suite and Spring, which got me back into the Java scene again, specifically web services and integration. And that’s where I’ve nestled happily ever since.

Today, my job allows me to work with some of the most interesting tools, like Kubernetes, OpenShift and Apache Camel. And I really enjoy it.

I started this site to start to share everything I know – and some of my opinions. I’m trying to share stuff as I learn.

I’m not a born expert. I go through the same pains as you when I’m learning this stuff. But I hope that by sharing knowledge as I pick it up, you can learn quicker than I did.

If there’s something you’d like to see on the site, or you’ve got any feedback, please get in touch.

Let’s keep learning. OK bye.