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I like writing books and blogs, and producing things that help people out. So I’ve made a couple of products.

On this page, you can find out about the products I’ve created.

Apache Camel Step-by-Step

Start building integrations with Apache Camel today.

This is my book and video course on the integration framework, Apache Camel. It introduces Camel concepts, goes through the common techniques you’ll use when developing Camel applications, covers running Camel in the real world and also includes some code examples.

Find out more about Apache Camel Step-by-Step

Live Curtain

Display a message and a countdown clock, in your meetings, teaching sessions or live streams.

You can use it to display a banner when you’re running a workshop, show a countdown timer for an activity you’re working on, or simply show a welcome message to your assembled audience.

This one was borne out of a need I had during Lockdown 2020. I hope you like it!

Live Curtain - banner and meeting countdown timer

Create and share anonymous, expiring polls with your audience.

Find out what people think of your meeting, product or service, by asking them to give a simple score from 0-10, and adding an optional comment.

Set a question, and then get a short, public URL that you can share with people instantly.

Then, you can view all of the responses in a simple dashboard.

Apoll - Anonymous Polls