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Infinispan Query DSL: quick example

How do you use the Query DSL in Infinispan? How do you search for objects in the in-memory database that have certain properties?

First add the infinispan-query Maven dependency:


Then you need to add annotations to the fields that you’d like to index on your object. You can add annotations on both fields and methods:


public class Worker {

    private Address workAddress;
    private Address homeAddress;

    public String getHomeAddressLine1() {
        return homeAddress.getLine1();


By default, this field will now be searchable using the property homeAddressLine1 (yes, getter methods are resolved to camelCase names):

QueryFactory qf = Search.getQueryFactory(cache.getCache("yourCacheName"));

Query q = qf.from(Worker.class)
    .having("homeAddressLine1").eq("1 High Street")

List<Worker> list = q.list();


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