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London workspaces I’ve tried

While I’m living in London and working remotely, I want to try different coworking options - cafes, hotels, and ‘proper’ offices. Here’s the places that I’ve tried and what I think of them.

Place Area Review
Barbican Centre City EC2Y The area near the Benugo cafe on the main floor has long shared tables for laptop working. The cafe is expensive but you can probably stay for a while without being troubled. Large space and great acoustics which tends to dampen the background noise. But it’s quite dark; not much natural light gets in here.
Pret A Manger Everywhere Free wifi, cheap filter coffee and bakery items, and you won’t be bothered by staff. Better to not work over lunchtimes though, when most shops get very busy.

Thoughts? Add your own suggestions in the comments! I’m sure that others reading this page would love to hear them.


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