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Disable the env endpoint for Spring Boot apps

Did you know that by default, Spring Boot allows you to inspect an application’s configuration, via an unsecured web service?

When running a Spring Boot application, it exposes a number of Endpoints. One of them is the env endpoint, which, according to the docs:

Exposes properties from Spring’s ConfigurableEnvironment.

So if you run a Spring Boot app and go to http://localhost:8080/env, you’ll see this:

Spring Boot env endpoint, exposed


You probably don’t want this enabled in production. It exposes

  • environment variables
  • Spring config properties (some passwords are masked but not all of them)
  • JVM properties

All of this information exposed poses a significant security risk for your apps.

To disable this endpoint, add this property to your

endpoints.env.enabled = false

You might want to disable other endpoints too. To read more about them, check the Spring Boot documentation.


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