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Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift Tutorial [video]

Let’s talk about Fuse.

Red Hat Fuse (formerly JBoss Fuse) is Red Hat’s enterprise integration product. It’s a packaging of integration projects like Camel and CXF, on top of a runtime. In Fuse 6.x, the common runtime for Fuse used to be Apache Karaf. But these days, the common way of running Fuse is to deploy it onto OpenShift.

Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift - Developer tutorial

This video is my short tutorial on how to get started with Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift. If you want to know how to run Apache Camel on OpenShift, then this one is for you! You’ll need a Red Hat account (you can get a free developer account) and access to an OpenShift cluster.

This video is the steps I take when I install Fuse and create a new project for OpenShift. In the video, I cover:

  • Looking at the Fuse on OpenShift Guide documentation
  • Reminder to check out my blog on setting up Red Hat registry authentication for OpenShift
  • Installing the Fuse image streams and templates
  • Creating a new Fuse project with the Launcher
  • Having a peek at the project and Camel routes in an IDE and making a code change
  • Deploying it to an OpenShift cluster using the Fabric8 Maven Plugin
  • Inspecting and testing the Fuse application in OpenShift

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